miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

Cotton breeze

It's wonderful to live in beautiful Seville. However, I find it such a pity not to have proper Spring time. I mean, we only have cold weather and, right after it, extremely hot weather. No Spring, no Autumn! It's a pity because I love to wear light knitwear. Before wearing T-shirts every single day from here to November, I like wearing those cossy long-sleeve knitted jumpers one needs in cool Spring nights. So where could I find fresh knitwear, ready to be worn in my extremely hot city?

The answer: Trafaluc in Zara.com

I was lucky enough to find this cute cotton top in their latest knitwear collection for the current season. It's fresh, it fits all outfits and it's light and comfy.

Let some cotton breeze enter mywardrobe!

Top, shoes and handbag: Zara (s/s 2011)
Trousers: Blanco (s/s 2011)
Accessories: H&M and Claire's
Watch: Swatch (old)
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Due to technical problems in blogspot (I guess that was it), all the comments to this post are gone. I'm so sorry. Please feel free to keep on leaving your opinion. Thank you.

3 comentarios:

  1. pero que camiseta más bonita...me encanta!!! un besaZoooooo!! :)

  2. I really love your tee !
    Thanks for pass :)

  3. la camiseta es preciosa!